kay meClothing Story
Creating a beautiful silhouette
from stretchy material and thread
is only possible with the skills of outstanding craftspeople

Made in Japan、
high quality clothing made by skilled artisans

kay me only creates clothing that is washable at home, and is made from stretchy material and thread

In order to achieve the most beautiful silhouette on every body,
we separate the pattern into small pieces and add cinching and drapes

In order to fully utilize each and every highly elastic component, each delicate cinching and drape detail,
and to sew everything together with stretchy thread,
takes an immense amount of skill
kay me is created by the highest skilled Japanese artisans,
and 90% of the items are produced within Tokyo
with the rest produced in other ateliers around Japan
When Junko Kemi first created kay me, she visited a shopping district that she used to go to with her grandmother when she was growing up
Her heart ached as she found out the entire district went out of business
From that day on, she wanted to highlight the high quality and technology that the Japanese textile and garment industry possesses
We work everyday with garment factories, knitting factories,
and material manufacturers to continue working together to produce high quality products

“Why am I always complimented when I wear kay me?”

The secret is in our patterns

We use many kinds of stretchy materials, as well as the same patterner as luxury brands,
to create pieces that flatter the overall figure while shaping the most beautiful silhouette on each body

We divide each pattern in to the smallest pieces,
and add cinching and drapes to create the most gorgeous silhouette for every body

The secret of our print design

kay me’s print designs are inspired by thoughts such as
“If only there was a way to not forget one’s femininity even on the busiest days”
“Finding a way to spread joy onto others just from seeing that femininity”

For those reasons, kay me prints and colors are most often influenced by the beauty found in nature
Founder Junko Kemi has also drawn inspiration for these prints from her grandmother’s kimono shop

Drawing and coloring each motif comes with an extensive process
Print designers and factories from Japan, England and Italy
collaborate every day with kay me to pursue the beauty of our prints

The secret of choosing materials

Founder Junko Kemi has been passionate from a young age about finding the right texture of material that is smooth and stretchy, and this has been a point of enthusiasm for many years
Now, after touching thousands of different fabrics with her own fingers, as well as stretching and shrinking each material several times, questioning whether the material is truly one that someone would reach for, she is able to put this knowledge and expertise to use when choosing fabrics for kay me

kay me’s chosen materials are beautiful to look at, kind to the wearer, and help to shape the wearer’s personality

Three problem-solving features of kay me

“I don’t want to waste time on washing my clothes everyday...”

To cut the hassle of going to the dry cleaner, the vast majority of kay me items
are easily machine washable at home

“I want to be comfortable...”

Working comes with long hours, and stiff clothing can trap the body and tire you even more
kay me utilizes stretchy outer fabric, inner fabric, and even thread
Our clothing moves seamlessly with your body for day-long comfort

“I don’t want to waste time coordinating my outfits in the morning...”

All kay me dresses and ensembles can be coordinated easily,
and items are designed to be timelessly chic rather than relying on flashy trends