kay meBrand Story
With our own will,
we choose to live life optimistically
By continuing to do so,
smiles bloom like flowers

kay me wishes to be alongside women
during times of battle or a moment of serenity
We hope to live a rich and colorful life together

Our thoughts towards our brand

kay me Founder Junko Kemi

kay me founder Junko Kemi grew up watching her grandmother work at a small kimono shop that she owned
Her local customers showed adoration, and she worked her hardest for them,
always carrying a sense of responsibility and a radiating smile
No matter what happened, she always remained optimistic

“From a young age, I felt that
people who make decisions on their own will,
and act accordingly always seem to be the happiest

My grandmother, who was raised in a temple, taught me
every person is born with a purpose they must accomplish
That purpose is not how much one can obtain for themselves,
but how much you can leave to others
That is the meaning of life
The very image of my grandmother working was her pursuing those words”

Junko Kemi believes that
If you take it upon yourself to hold responsibility for the choice you make, whether it turns out to be the wrong choice, you can still smile about it
“I want my job to be something that will produce more women with this mindset, and I hope continue exercising this mindset”

kay me supports women who stand up to a challenge

After graduating college, Junko Kemi worked for publishing companies and in management positions at consulting companies
Shortly after, when she began her own consulting company, she began searching for her purpose in life after the events of the earthquake in northern Japan in 2011

One day during that year, Kemi realized that
“Business tools for work, such as MBA and excel already existed,
but clothing for working women that is at once feminine, comfortable, and will enrich one’s creativity
did not exist
So I wanted to create my own clothing brand

… and so kay me began

What Kemi was envisioning was something she believed was a task for herself personally
As a manager, she wanted to dress elegantly, but not waste time on choosing or cleaning clothes,
and ultimately she wanted to be comfortable throughout the whole day

Kemi realized the key factor was jersey dresses
This only calls for one article of clothing, so coordinating is easy every day
Despite the functionality, it is possible to look glamorous and elegant,
and she found true value in this proposition

kay me not only focuses on creating and designing jersey dresses, suits and ensembles created from comfortable and stretchy materials,
but the brand creates relaxation wear for business trips, weekend wear, and even a business bag line,
all from scratch within the company atelier in Tokyo

“You only live once, so enjoy working, enjoy being a woman,
and be able to smile thinking I’ve accomplished everything!”

kay me Founder