Virtual Styling
“I can’t visit a store,
but I don’t know what to choose online!”

With so many options online, it can be hard to find the right items for your needs,
so with our Virtual Styling service, our kay me stylists will make 3 recommendations personalized just for you
1. Virtual styling
For those who wish to order our items online or use our Try & Buy service (available to residents of Japan only).
“I don’t know what will suit me” “I want to try items on, but I don’t know what to choose” “I don’t know what will pair well with items I already own” It is hard to know if items online will fit you or coordinate well with your existing closet, so we created these services as the perfect solution for you!

For any questions about this service, get in touch via online chat or email – or make a booking today!
2. After using our “Try & Buy” Service
If you have questions after you receive your “Try & Buy” order
We have received feedback such as, “after receiving my Try & Buy order, I have many specific questions, but I feel awkward asking them so I eventually give up”. To cater to our customers who have these questions, we have created this service specifically. If you have any questions after you receive your order, you can contact us by phone or online video call
3. After using our Online Carte Service
For those who has any questions after receiving your style guide
After receiving your style guide from our Online Carte Service and you have questions about your results, please contact us to have those questions answered!
Make a reservation online our kay me stylists will get in touch with you at the desired time slot via a phone call or online video call

Please feel free to contact us without a prior reservation!

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