Keep yourself protected under the sun and the AC!Spring-Summer

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Simply throw on for an extra layer of protection and added style. This soft stole made from natural materials blocks harmful UV rays and keeps you comfortable in air-conditioned rooms

Protect legs from air-conditioning
As summer approaches and workplaces become cold, keep your legs warm with this wrinkle-resistant stole
Cut harmful UV rays in the car
UV rays start to become stronger in May, so use the soft lace stole to shelter your face and neck when traveling
Protect the neckline
kay me stoles are not only stunning and intricately designed, but they also protect your neckline against harmful UV rays and strong cold air from the AC
With a soft gradient and an exquisite flower lace detailing, elevate your look instantly as you wrap it around you

Lace gradation

Made with a diamond weave silk wool and lace, individually dyed and pieced together to create a work of art. The silk wool blend provides lightweight, soft comfort on the skin

Add drama to a minimalistic dress

Lace gradation

Elegant and romantic
The lace has been shibori tie-dyed with 4 gorgeous colors

The secret of the I-Lace

To create the gorgeous I-Lace panel, the fabrics are placed on top of one another and painstakingly stitched and trimmed to the perfect finish

Beautifully frame and brighten up the upper body

I-Lace gradation

Layers of delicate wool and lace are used to give extra volume and warmth - wrap around the neck or wear loose over the shoulders

Enjoy several textures in one piece

Several textures are integrated together to create this stunning, luxurious stole. Each layer of lace, fringe, sequins, and beads is carefully placed and sewn into the stole by hand

Add as an accent piece to your look

Lace jacquard

Stand out from just the beauty of a delicate lace stole. With each lace piece hand-cut and sewn into the stole with precision and care

Perfect for any season

Our high-quality silk wool conducts and retains heat, for the perfect accessory in any season to moderate the temperature

Gorgeous and sweet

Lovely lace collection

A soft cashmere stole in a rich aubergine to give an elegant and polished finish

High-quality 100% cashmere

Lightweight, warm, and incredibly soft A must-have luxurious item

Chic nuance color

Gorgeous cashmere

Simple, yet gorgeous for everyday wear The lush softness of silk wool

Passion to gradation

The entire piece is dyed with a light wash of color and dipped again in a darker wash. For the final touch, the fabric is hand-brushed with the colors blended in for a seamless gradation

Add as an accent color to an office look

Gradation collection

A dream-like fluffiness Soft like marshmallow

Hand-embedded crystals

The delicate butterfly embellishment symbolizes women leaping forward and taking flight. Each crystal is carefully placed and embedded by hand, one by one .

For the office or for a date

Pure cashmere collection

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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