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“When I wear a dress, the last thing I would want is to look unflattering in areas of my body when I least expect it, and a stuffy foundation garment can be very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

That is why we created a body-sculpting underdress that gives both comfort and piece of mind! I hope it will be useful for those who have the same problems."

kay me’s Lead Designer

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How Does It Stretch And Contour The Body?

From the straps down to the hips, we use select materials with excellent stretchability and tension, which smooths and contours to your body shape. It feels slightly tighter, however it is easy to stretch and move in so you will forget that you are even wearing it!

Cushioned Padding

Comes with removable padding. The soft and cushioned padding adds volume and shape so you can wear it with or without a brassiere!

The versatile foundation piece for full body coverage

04_removable_cups_body_contour_underdress.jpg 04_removable_cups_body_contour_underdress_Mobile.jpg
05_smooth_your_figure_re01.jpg 05_smooth_your_figure_Mobile_re01.jpg

Wear Under Anything

With adjustable straps on the outside, a higher waistline, and a length that covers your thighs, this underdress offers better body coverage that does not peek out from under any piece of clothing

Stretchy Adjustable Straps

We are particular about the better design and comfort, which is why this new design comes with stretchy straps and removable padding. We select advanced material that regulates heat in different temperatures, so it retains heat in winter yet keeps you cool in summer.

Confidence Makes Beautiful with a beautiful body line!

06_comfortable_and_stretchy_straps.jpg 06_comfortable_and_stretchy_straps_Mobile.jpg

A Whole New You

Better body contouring, better body line. Wear with a bra or without - the freedom is yours!

Feel the difference in comfort and quality with a foundation piece made with Japanese technology and craftsmanship, and only the best quality materials

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A Piece to Meet Every Need

See our full range of body-contouring underdresses and find the best style for your everyday needs

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