Rich Stoles

Luxurious, handmade comfort

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Rich Stoles

Luxurious, handmade comfort

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Superior Craftsmanship

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The Best of its Kind

Specially handpicked for you, these stoles were made by the same artisans that craft garments for the Maharaja of India.

Super Soft Material

Made of one of nature’s best materials - cashmere. The knit structure of the fabric allows it to stretch comfortably no matter how you wear it, while the lux softness and short fibers create a beautiful woolly halo, that gets better the more you use this lovely stole.

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Cashmere Butterfly
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Hand-Dyed Gradation Color

Our artisans start by dying each end with a different shade, and then blend out the color for the final gradation effect. This blending process is manually finished using a brush that ensures that every stole is unique. After the meticulous dying process, lace appliqués are cut and hand-sewn together for the final touch

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Embellished by Hand

Each crystal is carefully placed and embedded by hand, one by one. This delicate combination of soft cashmere and shimmering crystals are made to highlight your face and elevate your style

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How to Wear

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Wrap it around your chest to protect you from the cold

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Wear it wrapped over a coat to amp-up the glamour

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Drape it over your legs in the office or on a trip for added comfort

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Take a Look Through Our Previous Collections

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