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A modern take on kimono for the perfect visiting style


"When you are visiting for a family gathering or even meeting the parents, you want to wear something that is cordial, a little formal but nonetheless gorgeous to make the best impression.

In the past, we used to have different semi-formal kimonos for various occasions. I was inspired by that, but wanted something modern and comfortable that we could wear all day long. And I think we have a guaranteed hit with this piece."

kay me’s Lead Designer

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A Beautiful Print

A dance of a hundred flowers in bloom. Drawn by a world-renowned designer from London and inspired by traditional Japanese patterns. With signature flowers drawn into the print, colored in an eye-catching red sunset palette for a sharp contrast, or lavender tones for an elegant class

Supreme Craftsmanship

The print is carefully placed and matched, then hand-cut by the hands of artisans for the best match. Even a few millimeters difference make a big difference so our artisans take the upmost attention-to-detail, precision and care to complete the cascading floral design that flows down the dress like on a kimono

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Beautiful from Any Angle

The complex pattern and print is a sight to behold from every angle – a beautiful display of art and craftsmanship

Available in 2 Beautiful Versions

The Grace of Japanese Heritage

Whether you are dropping in on family or need something a little formal yet gorgeous, browse our range of beautiful Japanese-style dresses

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