Celebrate under dappled sunlight
Rice Shower print


〜Seasonal celebration〜
Inspired by the blessings of the sun, rain, and wind,
for a vibrant and bold touch

kay me Lead Designer
Junko Kemi

Choose the color that matches your mood

A whimsical print, inspired by the harvest celebrations of autumn
Imagine warm days, soft sunlight through the branches of a tree, with leaves gently falling to the ground

Wear with beige for instant composure

Wear with white for special occasions

Wear with sky blue for professional events

kay me ‘docking’ dresses are a busy woman’s best friend

Wear with a tailored jacket for instant suit style

Made from an original print jersey material that features the perfect thickness and stretch in every direction. The soft material emphasizes the beauty of the drape detail

kay me is machine-wash safe and ethically made in Japan

Rice Shower
Docking Dress
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