Our must-have essential item
Shape-supporting and discreet

Camisoles for dresses

Shape-supporting underdress

Cotton-blend underdresses designed to be kind to your skin
Shaping and supporting features eliminate the need for a girdle, for optimum comfort
Protects against heavily air-conditioned offices and other chilly environments


V-cut front
Camisole dress

Our cotton jersey camisole dress features a highly versatile v-cut front, with a skirt specially made from a comfortable stretch material that does not cling
This combination of materials is expertly designed to provide maximum function


Straight-cut front
Camisole dress

The top of our camisole dress features a 100% cotton jersey material that is comfortable and soft on the skin, with a classic straight-line cut neckline for ease of wear


Comfortable and supportive

Wear under a dress to beautifully smooth the bodyline without compromising on comfort
Our best-kept secret

Stretchy straps

The length of the stretchy straps can be easily adjusted

Your perfect kay me partner

Carefully calculated and designed to be the perfect underdress that remains invisible under any kay me dress or outfit

In-store ordering

Contact one of our stores beforehand to pre-order an item, and we will have it available at the location on a specified date/time of your choice

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