Instant elegance!
Figure-flattering warm underdress

Our team unanimously agrees that
our underdresses are the items
that are reached for most frequently throughout the week
kay me Lead Designer Junko Kemi

Thick fabric complements hips and stomach for day-long comfort

Stay warm and cozy, with no loss of shape even after 100 washes!

Comfortable yet shape-supporting

The skirt of the dress features a wonderfully stretchy material that hugs the body,

Designed specifically to pair perfectly with every gorgeous kay me dress

The neckline and sleeves are invisible underneath

Shape-supporting Warm Underdress
(Half sleeve)

Sleeves add extra warmth to the arms

Shape-supporting Warm Underdress (Sleeveless)

A wonderful underdress that does not disturb the design of dresses worn over

Shape-supporting Warm Underdress

The stretchy shoulder straps of the dress ensure comfort that lasts all day

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